Dan Here, Mick Here, Hello!

Welcome to That Pedal Shop!

Why Are We Here?

We started That Pedal Show because we're nuts about great guitar sounds.

In order to do it exactly how we want to do it with no commercial obligations, we chose not to accept payment, sponsorship or product placement deals from guitar gear companies to feature stuff on the shows. We never have and we never will.

Instead, to help us fund making the shows, one of the ways we generate income is via That Pedal Shop which serves the awesome TPS community in the United States and Canada. We're extremely lucky to be working with a trusted partner based in the USA who has helped us make this happen.

This means that when you buy gear from That Pedal Shop, we get a small percentage which directly helps fund That Pedal Show. Plus what you buy gets shipped directly to you quickly and easily within the USA and if you need any help you get expert local support in the USA. No waiting for Mick and Dan to wake up the other side of the Atlantic!

And for the sake of clarity, as with everything TPS, That Pedal Shop does not affect what we feature on the shows. We always have, and always will feature the stuff that interests us and gear that's relevant to what we're discussing, so please don't be surprised if it's stuff that's not available here on the shop! If you're interested to know more about our gear and what we do go HERE

Bottom line is that without your support we couldn't do what we do, so a massive THANK YOU to everyone who shops with us and keeps TPS trucking towards great tones!

Cheers all!

Dan & Mick

P.S. We're working hard to keep on adding new pedals and gear to That Pedal Shop and keep the shop growing and evolving. We'll also add plenty more gear inspiration, ideas and how to's...stay tuned!





You can find out more about That Pedal Show at www.thatpedalshow.com