Wampler Faux Tape Echo Delay Pedal

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Wampler Faux Tape Echo Delay Pedal

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Product Overview

The Faux Tape Echo Delay v2 Pedal brings you everything you want from a standard delay pedal in the ultimate gig friendly package.

Based on the hugely popular best seller of the previous models, the v2 offers the same purity of signal path, the same depth of tone on the repeats and most importantly, the addition of sub divisions on the tap tempo. With this, you can now have your delays come at ¼, 1/8, dotted 1/8 and triplet based on your tap tempo.

With our hybrid design (completely pure analog dry path with the digital delay layered on top) approach, you get the best of both worlds. You get the note clarity, much lower noise, and longer delay times from digital delays... You also get the lovely warmth and little exquisite touches that are usually reserved for analog delays. Nearly every part of the pedal, all of its major functions, are analog. The “delay line” is the only digital part of the signal path. It alone being digital brings clarity and focus to the task in a way that analog delay line chips can’t really match.

But everything else, all the absolutely vital filtering to carefully finish the sound is pure analog. Every aspect of the modulation that gives the Faux Tape Echo pedal a unique function and tone and makes it desirable for people who want their delay tone to sound as good as tape delay units but without all the maintenance, supplies, and hassle. Your all-important fundamental dry tone is 100% analog, too.

So when we say it’s the best of both worlds, we absolutely mean it. From country slap-back to ambient washes to straight-ahead rock and metal delay, the hybrid approach lets Brian make one pedal that can do it all.

The Faux Tape Echo takes everything great about the original, and adds to it that much-requested tap tempo with sub-division functionality that users have been asking for, as well as our well known emulation of the elusive and beautiful character that people look for in classic tape echo units.

Some delay pedals are complicated, some are simple… some just give you want you want, where you want it, and they do it beautifully. Warm sounding with 3 sub divisions, tap tempo and a quality of tape emulation that will make your delay lines perfect.

4 sub divisions and tap tempo… It’s easy to get lost in endless sub menus of the big delay units, but if you strip them back, which do you actually use? We’ve taken the most useful and put them there, right on the front so you only need to worry about what’s there.

The beauty of tape emulation is one that doesn’t just sound like someone has stuffed a chorus across the top. You want one that reacts, you want one that sounds organic, you want one that feels like it’s a tape, and that tape is wearing out a little. With the sub divisions and tap tempo, you have the tone AND the control.

Brian Wampler’s attention to detail and commitment to bringing you the best-sounding & most usable Effects Boxes on the market is nothing new. Those qualities are on full display within the Faux Tape Echo. We’re all tone-freaks, and we’re always trying new things, but we hope this pedal finds it’s forever home on your pedalboard, so we built it to last that long.

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