NUX MG-30 Multi-Effects Pedal

NUX MG-30 Multi-Effects Pedal - 1

NUX MG-30 Multi-Effects Pedal

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Product Overview

The NUX MG-30 offers you realistic amp response and playability. Designed by guitarists, developed by passionate engineers, made for working musicians. Since NUX announced MG-300 the best-budget compact modeler on the market ever—people started noticing our TSAC-HD (White-Box) Modeling Algorithm. And now, the MG-30 provides you better definition from HD to 2K!

With 2 powerful NXP RT processors, MG-30 drives 1024 samples Impulse Response resolution with ultra-low system latency to give you tight and fast response.

2 premium AD/DA AKM AK4558EN 32-bit 2 channel audio CODECs realizes "high quality sound performance". MG-30 has super wide dynamic range ~ 110dB !

4" Large Colorful LCD: Intuitive user interface with a large colorful LCD lets you get rid of reading manuals.

The 5-way encoder navigates lets you for quick editing, signal block routing, jack setting, and more. Signal block indicator presents current status, and helps you quickly engage/bypass or edit related effects.

Holding the HOME/GLOBAL BUTTON enters the Global Setting. Here you'll find lots of great application designs.

Amp Models ~ Less is More!

25 electric guitar amp models, 3 bass amp models, and 2 acoustic amp models. Working musicians don't need hundreds of mediocre amp models.

Knowing this, we focused on 30 classic essentials, and made each and every one lives up to the standards of the most demanding players. Included in our top-shelf collection are: 25 electric guitar amp models, 2 acoustic amp models, 3 bass amp models.

Need to record a bass track? MG-30 offers 3 great bass amp models and 8 bass cab IRs.simulating an acoustic guitar sound? MG-30 provides 3 acoustic IRs and 2 acoustic amp models for electric guitar to simulate acoustic guitar sound.

25 Legendary Guitar Amps, 3 Classic Bass Amps, 2 Essential Acoustic Amps

*Note: NUX offer BIAS parameter on Valve Amp Models, so you can tweak it to adjust the warmth of your sound.

For cathode biased power amp, there is no BAIS parameter.

Impulse Response

NUX created the iconic Solid Studio which was famous for its great sounding cab IRs with 8 legendary mics and 3 mic positions.

8 Legendary Guitar Cabinets include: A212, JZ120, BS410GB412TR212DR112V412V4121960

8 Mic Models: S57R112R121U87C414C3000BETA52MD421

3 MIC Positions: CenterMiddleEdge

8 Bass Cabs: AGL DB810AMP SV810AMP SV212MKB410TRC410EDEN410BASSGUY410

Additional effects:
3 Acoustic Guitar IRsEffects & Block RoutingRoom, Hall, Plate, Spring, Shimmer
Noise ReductionCE-1 , CE-2, ST. Chorus, Vibrator, Detune, Flanger, Phase 90, Phase 100, S.C.F., U-Vibe, Tremolo, Rotary, HarmonistEQGATE
RVBAnalog , Digital , Modulation, Tape, Reverse, Pan, Duotime, DLYMODEFXCMP, WAH

Effects & Block Routing: 6-Band , Align , 10-Band , Para
Dist + , RC Boost, AC Boost, Dist One, T Scream, Blues Drv, Morning Drv, EAT, Red Dirt, Crunch, Muff Fuzz, Katana BoostRose, K Comp, Studio CompClyde , Cry BB, V847 , Horse Wah, Octave-Shift

Post-EFX Parallel Routing: The versatile I/O can let you run 4 cable method or connect with other effects. You can adjust the SEND / RETURN Loop at any position in the signal path. The EXP1 can be used with expression pedal or with NUX NMP-2 to remote signal blocks.

USB: Audio Interface, QuickTone Editor, Firmware Update, MIDI

Quick Tone Editor Software
Connect to NUX Quick Tone, and you can easily tweak parameters, download patches, load 3rd party IRs, and even set up USB audio-stream routing. Quick Tone is an interactive edit software - when you tweak the Real knobs, you'll see your changes in Real time.

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