Wrap your head around the swirling sound of flange...
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We love flanger and the glorious modulated tones it produces, but what is a flanger actually doing?

A flanger is an effect that creates a swirling, "whooshing" sound for your guitar. It adds a distinctive and unique modulation effect to your playing.

Here's how a flanger pedal works:

The original guitar signal is split into two paths. One path remains unaltered and becomes the "dry" signal, while the other will be processed and becomes the "wet" signal.

The wet signal is sent through a short delay line, usually achieved using a bucket brigade device (BBD) or digital delay. The delay between the wet and dry signals is extremely short, ranging normally from just 1 to 5 milliseconds.

The delayed wet signal is then modulated using a low-frequency oscillator (LFO). The LFO generates a cyclical waveform, typically a sine wave, that controls the speed and depth of the flanger effect.

The modulated wet signal is mixed back with the dry signal. As the delayed wet signal is periodically combined with the dry signal, certain frequencies interact and create peaks and notches in the frequency spectrum, known as comb filtering.

The peaks and notches caused by comb filtering move up and down in frequency due to the modulation from the LFO. This creates the characteristic sweeping or swirling sound associated with a flanger effect.

The final mixed signal, comprising the dry signal and the flanged wet signal, is sent to the output, which can be connected to an amplifier or recording device.

Experimenting with different settings and playing techniques will help you discover the range of sounds and textures that a flanger pedal can produce. Whether you want to create swirling jet-like sounds, add subtle modulation, or make your guitar solos stand out, a flanger pedal is a versatile tool for shaping your guitar's tone.

For some famous examples of a flanger, listen to 'Barracuda' by Heart. You can also hear the jet like 'swooshing' very clearly in the intro of 'Unchained' by Van Halen!

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