Be creative adding delay to your tone and sound epic!
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Delay - also called 'echo', is simply your sound repeated.

The time of the repeats and how many repeats there are determine the overall nature of the delay.

The tone of the repeats themselves is also a key factor in the overall character of the delay.

You can hear short delays (echo) in a lot of rock 'n' roll, like Scotty Moore and Elvis. Players such as The Edge from U2 and Hank Marvin of the Shadows are creative users of multi-head delay. And you'll hear longer delays all over rock and pop music since the 1970's.

Not sure where to start with delay pedals...we've got you covered...

And here's some great ways to use delay pedals...

Why Choose An Analog Delay Pedal?

Analog delay is nothing new. In fact it's really old. So why on earth would you choose a new analogue delay in this day and age?

Well, here’s why…

The Ultimate DIY Delay Pedal?

In this show Dan is expanding on an idea that began when we were exploring multi-head tape delays back in July 2020. As we were explaining what happens in a multi-head tape delay, Dan put together a ‘Frankenstein’ version of a dual-head delay, using single pedals replicating each component.

In this video he’s expanded on that and returned with a 4-head behemoth to see what’s what. Why would you do this? Well, you probably wouldn’t, but we hope it opens up some understanding of what’s happening in a delay pedal in order to help you decide on the kind of sounds and features you like more, and like less.

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