Find out what makes compressors such powerful tools...
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Compression is a confusing effect, therefore is often overlooked! But we're here to explain how it works, and why you might want to add one to your board!

What does a Compression Pedal do?

When you play the guitar, there can be significant differences in volume between quiet and loud notes or chords. A compression pedal reduces the volume of the louder parts, bringing them closer in level to the softer parts. This helps prevent any overly loud or harsh sounds that may occur when you play forcefully.

At the same time, a compression pedal also boosts the volume of quieter notes or chords. This helps bring out the detail and nuances of your playing, making the softer parts more audible and expressive.

Compression pedals can also enhance the sustain of your guitar's notes. They keep the volume level of a note more consistent over time, allowing it to ring out for longer. This can be particularly useful for achieving smooth and sustained guitar solos or creating a more fluid sound.

Another important function of a compression pedal is to control any sudden spikes or peaks in your guitar's volume. It reduces the extreme volume jumps caused by aggressive playing or strong picking, making the overall sound more controlled and balanced.

Overall, a compression pedal helps to even out the dynamics of your guitar's volume, making it more consistent and balanced. It can make your playing sound more polished, improve sustain, and enhance the overall clarity of your guitar's tone.

Want to know how to use a compressor? Here are some ideas...

Not sure what the controls on your compressor pedal mean?

Below, we breakdown what the most common knobs/controls on a compressor are and how they work.


Keep in mind that the specific names and functions of these controls may vary slightly between different compressor pedals, but the general concepts remain the same. Experimenting with these controls will help you find the compression settings that suit your playing style and enhance your guitar's sound.

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