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A boost is a simple yet powerful tool! By using a boost pedal, you can increase the volume of your guitar without changing the fundamental tone of it. However, don't think that limits its use, as they can be used for many different purposes such as:

Watch the videos below for a deeper dive on why you might want a boost and where you may want to place it in your signal path!


Boost pedals are commonly used during solos to elevate the guitar's volume and create a more prominent and expressive sound. With a boost pedal engaged, you can ensure that your guitar leads are heard clearly above the rhythm section and make your solos stand out during live performances.

Some boost pedals also offer a gain or overdrive function, allowing you to increase the amount of gain or saturation in your signal. This can be useful when you want to add some extra drive to your tone or push an amp into natural overdrive territory. The gain boost can provide a dynamic response and enhance the sustain and richness of your sound.

Some boost pedals will also have a buffer built in, compensating for any signal loss that may occur due to long cable runs or multiple pedalboard connections. This helps to restore the signal strength and clarity, ensuring that your tone remains strong and vibrant throughout your signal chain.

Boost pedals are versatile tools that can be used in various ways. They can be placed at different points in your signal chain to achieve different effects. Placing a boost pedal before overdrive or distortion pedals can push them into higher gain territory and provide more sustain. Putting it after dirt pedals can boost the overall volume and cut through the mix. Additionally, using a boost pedal with other effects can help maintain their dynamics and prevent signal loss.

Not sure if you need a boost? Here's why we think you do!

Still not sure on how to use a boost? Watch the videos below for a deeper dive!

10 Ways to Use Boost With Your Rig

We show you 10 great ways to use boost pedals with your guitar amp and pedals… and discover the boosts you never knew you had!

To most of us, boost simply means ‘more’ but it’s where you place the ‘more’ that makes such a huge difference in texture, tone and feel.

Do you want more overdrive, more volume, more compression or a different EQ? Or less of all the above? It’s all possible with this simple addition to your rig, as we discover…

Boost Pedal Before Or After Overdrive?
[Gain Staging Basics]

Where do you put your boost pedal in relation to overdrive from amps or pedals?

Welcome to the show! A super simple question today, the answers to which serve as a great basic lesson on gain staging. We take a couple of common boost types – one full-range clean boost, and one where we can shape the EQ – and put them both before and after overdrive to see what we can learn. Where do you like your boost best? Let’s find out…

Four Types Of Booster: Which One For You?

In this video Daniel and Mick discuss Boost pedals. We have four kinds to hear: a treble boost, a dirty boost, a ‘clean’ boost and a mid boost. How do they react with clean and dirty amps? How do they react with another overdrive pedal? We’re here to find out…

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