TPS Pedalboard All Stars

You’ll find these modern-classics on our boards when we’re looking for the ultimate in tone, performance and uncompromising quality. Pro-level stuff when you’re ready for the big time
Chase Bliss Automatone MkII Preamp

Nothing else out there like it. This mind-blowing preamp/OD/fuzz developed with Benson can mimic pretty much any OD pedal and boost you could name, and yet still has a clarity and depth of tone all its own. It does a fab fuzz too… and MIDI. Astonishing. 

JAM Pedals Harmonious Monk

It all started with Joey Landreth and before we knew it, we’d designed our own harmonic trem with these exceptional humans. It offers classic amplitude tremolo for all those timeless tones, or a wonderful, thick harmonic mode for ultimate wobble!

Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe

Stunning quality compressor based on the classic 1176 studio sound. It can do the overt squashy thing, but we love it post-drive for sheen and sophistication. Get the ‘Stacked’ version if you want two-in-one Lowell George awesomeness.

Beetronics OctaHive Fuzz

We. Love. Fuzz. And we love octave fuzz too, exemplified here in this modern evolution of the Tycobrahe Octavia idea that offers the classic tones and a great deal more. Beetronics remains fearlessly creative, original and committed to awesome tones. Bzzzz!s here

Keeley D&M Drive

Robert Keeley and co designed this on our behalf and we absolutely love it. Mick’s side is somewhere between TS and Klon territory for boosty blues tones; Dan’s side has more gain for rock. Stack ’em either way for myriad overdrive textures.

Chase Bliss Automatone CXM1978 Reverb

Developed with Meris, this is hands-down our favourite reverb pedal to date. Absolutely stunning sounds that work equally well as studio outboard, it’s also fully MIDI capable for the most modern pedalboards. Breathtaking.


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