Mid Humped & Screaming

The Ibanez Tube Screamer deserves its place as one of the all-time greats in overdrive pedal history. Here are some fab alternatives to push the TS boundaries
Electro-Harmonix East River Drive

This is a fantastic value version on that classic tone with the simplest of controls. EHX has used the classic TS chip and symmetrical clipping, but also made sure there’s plenty of top end in there too so it’s not a thud-fest.

Keeley Red Dirt

Mick’s favourite TS is in fact a Keeley-modded 808 from the early 2000s. Keeley has packed in the ‘Mod Plus’ and ‘Baked’ mods to this pedal, plus an FET input section for tube-like feel. More gain, more tone range: nice!

Wampler Paisley Drive V2

Country megastar Brad Paisley is a huge fan of the humble Tube Screamer, but also wants a little extra flexibility. Working with Brian Wampler the result offers three different mid-hump shapes and additional presence too. Superb.

JAM Pedals Tubedreamer

Building on the classic TS tone, JAM has gone with three diodes for asymmetrical clipping here for a little more bite in the drive. There’s also an additional toggle for more and less gain modes. Stunning build and finish too.

Jackson Audio Broken Arrow

There are huge amounts of sonic potential here with independent drive and boost sections, plus a tunable EQ to get the exact tonal response you want. There are also four preset boost shapes and MIDI too. It’s packed!

EarthQuaker Devices Palisades

Imagine everything you want a TS to do… then add in everything you wish it did, and you end up here. A whole bunch of different clipping options, two channels, extra buffer and variable bandwidth filter.: stunning.


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