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Guitar tuners may seem like an uninteresting topic, but they are an important tool that we take for granted! If our guitar isn't in tune, we're going to struggle to get a tone that we're happy with. That's why we believe that picking the right tuner for YOU is crucial.

Below is a few things to consider when you're picking a guitar tuner to handle the important job of tuning your guitar.

The size of your guitar tuner is an important factor when choosing one. If you only have a small space on your pedalboard, you'll want a small tuner. But if you're in the studio, you may want a larger one that you're less likely to lose.

Some tuners will kill your dry signal when you engage it, meaning you can tune your guitar in silence. However you may have a volume pedal with a 'tuner out' or a switcher, meaning you don't need a silent tuner.

The tuner's display should be clear, easy to read, and provide sufficient information. Look for a tuner with a bright and backlit display that is visible in different lighting conditions. A large and intuitive display makes it easier to see the tuning indicators and ensure accurate tuning.

We've all had the worry of getting to a gig and finding our tuner has broken. Consider the build quality and durability of your tuner. It should be able to withstand regular use and transportation without easily breaking or malfunctioning. Look for tuners made from sturdy materials that can withstand the rigours of gigging or traveling.

The most important aspect of a tuner is its accuracy. Look for a tuner that provides precise and reliable tuning results. A tuner with a high degree of accuracy will help you achieve accurate tuning for your guitar, which is crucial for good intonation and overall sound quality.

As a tuner is normally placed at the beginning on your signal path, a lot of them will have a buffer built in to reduce signal loss from long cables, and some will be true bypass so that they don't affect your tone.


Found your Tuner? Now, let's talk about Tuning 101!

Are You In Tune? Or Is Your Guitar In Tune? [They Are Not The Same Thing]

If your question is ‘What guitar tuner should I buy?’ then this really isn’t the video for that. This video should get us all asking a much deeper question about what being in tune means to us personally, and then working on our playing technique to make our music more harmonious – or indeed dissonant – as a result.

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