Do-It-All Board

Okay, nothing actually does it ‘all’, but if you’re looking to cover a huge amount ground for a typical club/function band – and all manner of original stuff too for that matter - we think these will go together superbly
Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter V2

It might seem like an odd choice, but this gives you access to a whole bunch of wah-esque tones and filter sounds that crop up everywhere from rock to funk to pop. Great fun and a super alternative to a ‘normal’ wah.

EarthQuaker Devices Palisades

Plenty of tweakable options that deliver incredible overdrive-plus-boost versatility in one pedal. It might be born of Tube Screamer inspiration, but the Palisades has sooo much more scope to get your low-to-mid gain right where you want it. 

Wampler Terraform

Our favourite of the do-it-all modulators, this packs in all the chorus, phaser, flanger, vibe and tremolo tones you’d need – in full stereo and with MIDI control if you want – plus some very useful pre/post overdrive signal routing options.

Source Audio Collider

Our go-to reverb and delay when we’re looking for great tone, versatility and functionality. Five delays and seven reverbs stand toe-to-toe with anything, so putting them together in one pedal – with presets – makes this a winner.

Keeley Filaments

The EQD above covers the low-to-mid gain stuff, but when you want a heavier edge that spans hard rock and metal, the Filaments can sculpt that glorious gain to suit the rest of your rig. Forget fizzy, this brings the raucous rock.


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