Core Overdrive Flavours

So. Many. Overdrive Pedals. Yet when it boils down to the essentials, here are five that represent a flavour of each of our fave OD types to create a fantastic foundation for all your drive needs.
JHS Bonsai 9 Way Screamer

As easy as it would be to choose the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer, the question remains: “Which One?!” Here JHS has crammed nine classic TS-inspired tones into one single pedal. And it’s bloomin’ good too!

Boss BD-2w Waza Craft Blues Driver

If the mid-hump of a TS style isn’t for you, then this Boss classic gives you more bottom, more top and more edge right across the spectrum. It works well with pretty much all amp types and cleans up nicely too for a lovely ‘rolled back’ tone. 

Keeley D&M Drive

Robert Keeley and co designed this on our behalf and we’re absolutely over the moon with it. Mick’s side is somewhere between TS and Klon territory for boosty blues tones; Dan’s side has more gain for rock. You can stack ’em either way for myriad gain textures.

J Rockett Audio Archer Ikon

The fabled Klon Centaur is now basically unobtanium for most humans. And among the many K-alikes, J Rockett’s Archer offerss a fantastic blend of tone, practicality and price to make it the one we’d choose. A superb boost or OD into any amp. 

Bogner La Grange

For those of you wanting to push that gain into classic cranked Marshall tones, this offers you a superb bunch of tones and sound shaping features. From ZZ Top-type Texas blues to full-on classic rock scream there’s a lot to love here.

Wampler Tumnus Deluxe

If the Archer is too traditional for you among the K-alikes, this offers a compelling bunch of additional tonal tweaking options. Three band EQ and ‘normal’ and ‘hot’ modes enable you to dial the tone and response exactly where you want it.


The sound of rock'n'roll

Whether it's Scotty Moore and Elvis, or driving Billy Gibbons gain, overdrive is the foundation of countless great guitar tones

Low Gain For Boosts

If you want to punch out for a solo, choose a lower gain setting and turn up the pedal's output volume into a cleaner amp

High Gain For Thickness

Want a mass of thick overdrive texture? Try running the gain knob high and stacking OD pedals together for complex harmonics

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