Brilliant Boosts For Crunchy Amps

If you run your amp gained up and cooking, a boost can shape you out of the mush. Here are six to consider when you need that push over the top
Keeley Mini Katana Boost

Tiny and deceptively versatile, this mini version of the Keeley classic has four options for boost shape and flavour, including an optional overdrive mode. Superb for boosting clean tones or driving amps. 

Xotic Super Sweet Boost

Based around the classic TS JRC chip, this has four shaping frequencies for your boost, from treble to bass. It makes it simple yet tuneable to any situation. True bypass or always-on buffered bypass too!

Walrus Audio EB-10

This is a three band EQ, each of which can be boosted or cut, plus an additional MOSFET boost. Four presets enable you to switch quickly, either for different instruments or radically different EQ characters.

JHS Clover

This preamp pedal is JHS’s take on an old Boss classic, giving you a tremendous amount of gain and EQ shaping ability to juice up any amp you want to hit it with. Wonderful overdrive character too.

Black Country Customs Tony Iommi TI Boost

You know the sound: it’s the Black Sabbath leg-end with his SG, a cranked amp and a treble booster. This modern take on the idea adds greater EQ flexibility to make it more versatile. So, so cool. 

Catalinbread Skewer Booster

A new version of an old treble booster that uses a silicon transistor instead of germanium. The addition of a master volume and a little more low end (if you want it), is very welcome! Fab with a cooking amp.


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