Awesome Analog Delay

From classic warm, evocative repeats through to full-on self-oscillating tripped-out madness, everyone should experience the joy of analog delay. Here are four of our absolute faves…
MXR M169 Carbon Copy Delay

Designed by FX leg-end Jeorge Tripps, the Carbon Copy became an instant classic when it launched back in 2008. The repeats are very warm (there’s a Bright version if that’s too warm for you) with the added benefit of on-board modulation. Slapback to psychedelia: sorted.

Boss DM-2w Waza Craft Delay

When this debuted in 1981 the world was turning to more ‘superior’ digital delays. What we know now is that ‘bucket-brigade’ analog devices are their own, inimitable thing. Thus Boss reintroduced this all-time classic, with a new Custom mode for longer, clearer repeats if you want them too.

J Rockett Clockwork Echo

Designed with collaboration from EH Deluxe Memory Man creator Howard Davis, here we have old-school bucket-brigade magic meeting modern features such as tap tempo and footswitchable modulation. An absolute fave here at TPS and true stereo too: wonderful! 

JAM Pedals Delay Llama Xtreme

We start with an exceptional analog delay capable of everything you’d expect, including tap tempo, subdivisions, a hold function and kill-dry. In addition there are four modes – Vibrato, Tape-Age, Random and Pitch-Shift – to add a whole otherworldly side to your repeats.


Why Analog Delay?

We spell it analogue in the UK, but whatever the letters the sound is the same! Warm, sometimes broken and always evocative

Not Just The Edge

The U2 leg-end is well known for his lovely warm repeats, but you'll also hear analogue delay in everything from rock'n'roll to Radiohead and beyond

Modulate & Oscillate

Analog delay is renowned for the thick chorusing effect of modulation in the repeats and of course the tripped-out textures of self-oscillation. Turn up the feedback and GO!

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