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How to choose a guitar tuner...

“Surely they cannot make a 57-minute video about guitar pedal tuners?! They’re all the same, aren’t they?!” And Dan and Mick looked down upon the people and said, “For too long you have placed your trust in that box that never quite makes an open D and G sound right. It will verily take as long as it takes.”

Yep, annoyingly there is quite a lot to say about guitar tuners. One thing for certain is that you ought never to look at your tuner in the same way again.

How To Set Your Overdrive & Distortion Pedals [In A Band]

We’ve been asked many times for guitars in the context of a band.This is our first foray into doing that, adding bass and drums for the electric guitar to work with. The point we’re making is simple enough: if you want clarity and definition from your overdrive and distortion pedals, then turn the gain down!

We then delve a little deeper into the tone control and try it with different pickups – we hope it’s useful..

Get Started With Looper Pedals

We talk about their basic functionality, problems with timing and rhythm, position in the signal chain and dip a toe into more creative applications...we also introduce the concept of adding rhythm loops via a slightly more complex pedal.

How to use your Boss DS1

For the venerable Boss DS-1 is over 40 years young and it has been purchased more than any other guitar effects pedal, like, ever, at least according to the information we have. How can so many people be wrong?

How to turn your Delay pedal into a Chorus or Flanger...

Did you know that many (but not all) popular delay pedals can also give you chorus and flanger sounds?

Well they can!

How to...

Dan's Top 5 Guitar Pedal Hacks

Here are 5 easy guitar effect pedal hacks, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your effect pedals, and keep your pedalboard working and sounding great.

12 Ways To Use Your Guitar’s Controls

Some people barely use their guitar’s controls all, yet they can unlock a smörgåsbord of extra sounds. We explore 12 things to try on a selection of classic-style electric guitars.

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