Line 6 Helix LT Guitar Processor

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Line 6 Helix LT Guitar Processor

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Product Overview

The Line 6 Helix LT Guitar amp and effects processor features the same advanced HXTM Modeling technology found in the Line 6 flagship processor, Helix Floor. With a streamlined I/O complement and hardware configuration, but the same dual-SHARC audio engine as Helix Floor, it's an immensely powerful and flexible processor that faithfully delivers the sound and playing feel of vintage and modern amps, cabinets, microphones, and effects. Meanwhile, that processing power also enables the creation of countless tones that simply don't exist in the analog world. Helix LT boasts a lucid, user-friendly interface, with a full-color LCD screen and capacitive-touch footswitches. Extensive routing capabilities make it easy to integrate Helix LT into an existing rig while providing enough flexibility for a wide range of stage and studio applications. You can even load third-party speaker cabinet impulse responses (IRs) to further personalize your sound. Plus, Helix LT presets are compatible with all other Helix family devicesincluding the Helix Native plugin.

HX modeling digitally mirrors the circuitry of analog amps and effects, component by component. Every model sounds and feels realistic, including such notoriously hard-to-model devices as vintage fuzz and modulation effects. Simply put, the Helix LT amp and effects processor nails the analog vibe.

This massive power and flexibility might suggest a steep learning curve, but Helix LT is incredibly simple to use. Capacitive-touch footswitches let you jump to any block, adjusting parameters or assigning controllers with a mere finger tap. The 6.2" (157mm) LCD display eliminates complex menu-diving, providing all the control you'd expect from an external editor. Color-coded LED rings convey effect status and footswitch assignments at a glance.

Helix LT amp and effects processor offers extensive I/O connectivity, routing capabilities, and MIDI integration. Its dual effects sends/returns can integrate hardware pedals or pedal chains as switchable loops. They also provide additional inputs and outputs, enabling you to process multiple instruments simultaneously, as well as configure routing schemes such as wet/dry/wet and 4-Cable Method. Also included: an expression pedal/footswitch input, external amp-switching capability, L6 LINK connector for Powercab Plus active guitar speaker system integration, and a VDI Variax guitar connector. This unparalleled flexibility permits integrated systems incorporating both digital and analog I/O.

The onboard expression pedal controls volume, wah, or any combination of parameters. Hands-free Pedal Edit mode allows you to edit any block parameter with your feet.

The free HX Edit app mirrors the Helix LT processor interface. You can drag and drop amp/effect blocks, build signal chains, and adjust parameters via dedicated knobs and sliders from your computer screen.

  • Exceptional sound quality with 123dB of dynamic range
  • More than 300 authentic amp, cab, mic, and effect models
  • 6.2" (157mm) color LCD screen
  • Capacitive-touch footswitches
  • Favorites and User Model Defaults for fast access to your most-used sounds
  • World-class polyphonic pitch-shifting effects
  • True Preset Spillover capability
  • Extensive analog and digital I/O including L6 LINKTM and VDI Variax connectors
  • Expression pedal/footswitch jack, external amp switching, and comprehensive MIDI control
  • User-friendly Mac and PC editor

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