Victory V130 Super Jack Guitar Amp Head

Victory V130 Super Jack Guitar Amp Head - 1
Victory V130 Super Jack Guitar Amp Head - 2

Victory V130 Super Jack Guitar Amp Head

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Product Overview

The Victory V130 Super Jack Guitar Amp Head evolved from V30 The Jack model, upscaled in power, and adding shades of V40, The Sheriff 44 and the VX The Kraken

V30 The Jack players will find the massive clean headroom and heavy overdrive that they love… and then some. Victory also added two modes in between: one for V40- and Sheriff-style pushed clean and classic drives; the other for channel 1 Kraken-derived gain. The four 6L6 valve power section can also be switched from 100 to 30 watts for even more tonal flexibility. All clean, all gain, effortless power.

The Jack changed from the Countess in late 2020 to better represent the versatility of the amplifier, it’s still the same amplifier inside and the changes made are purely visual and in name.

Four Channel Modes
V30 The Jack has two channels: very high headroom clean and very heavy overdrive (just as Guthrie Govan wanted it). In V130 we’ve added two modes in between. The Clean channel gets a ‘crunch’ mode for light breakup and classic overdrive that’s reminiscent of sounds in V40 and The Sheriff 44. The Overdrive channel’s extra mode is Voice I, derived from channel 1 of VX The Kraken with the input of Rabea Massaad. They’re all footswitchable.

Masters For Each Channel
Balancing your cleaner and gained sounds is often a challenge, especially in a band context. With V130’s massive headroom, the channel masters give you the control you need to make sure all your tones are heard loud and clear. People have asked why the tone controls are common to all modes: our answer is that the EQ is optimised to work across the range. Get it balanced to your chosen cab – not too much, not too little – and V130 stays poised across all modes.

Series Effects Loop
A series effects loop sits between pre and power sections for whatever pedals you want to put in there. We find that modern digital delays and reverbs can sound cleaner in the loop, while more traditional analogue delays, modualtions and so on sound great straight into the front of the amp. The only ‘right’ way is the one that sounds best to you.

100 Or 30 Watts
100 watts of 6L6 power section can be eye-poppingly loud if you want it. But it’s not just about volume: V130’s high-headroom abilities give you clarity and massive dynamic range right across the loudness spectrum. It’s a feel and response that many players love. You can also switch down to 30 watts for a less bold feel, lower volume and more power-stage ‘give’.

External Bias Adjustment
Take all the hassle out of replacing output valves with the V130’s external bias measurement points and adjustment. All you need is a new set of power valves and a multimeter. It’s fast, safe and reliable – you can find full instructions are in the amp’s manual.

FORMAT: Two-channel, four-mode head

POWER: 100 Watts high power / 30 watts low power

VALVES: 4 x 12AX7, 4 x 6L6

SIZE (MM): 480(w) x 235(h) x 235(d) including handle, feet & controls (sits perfectly on a Victory V212VV cabinet)

WEIGHT: 12.5kgs/ 27.5lbs


  • Clean channel with footswitchable ‘clean’ and ‘crunch’ modes
  • Overdrive channel with footswitchable Voice 1 and Voice 2 modes
  • High- and low-power modes
  • Series effects loop
  • External bias test points and adjustment
  • Slip cover included
  • Footswitches for channel/mode change included

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